TurningLeaf Seminars will take you through experiential challenges and reflective processes that teach you how to rid yourself of unnecessary pain, fear, and negative emotions.
You will learn how to see yourself differently and as a result, you will experience a greater capacity to pursue and achieve your goals and dreams. Oftentimes the parts of ourselves that seem to tear us down are actually tools we are misusing. They are tools we have allowed to become weapons. These seminars teach you how to turn these weapons into some of your greatest strengths.Experience the relief that comes with knowing you have a team of compassionate experts ready to work one-on-one or in a safe group environment to bring you back into alignment and enjoy your life.

Level 1 "Wakening" Seminar - 3 Days
The Level One "Wakening" Seminar is a three day event that will help you explore your relationship with the world and how the world has impacted you. In the Wakening seminar, you will learn how to honor your own truth, redeem your value and heal relationships that have diminished. Learn how to focus on deriving your worth from within and removing unhealthy dependencies on things and people outside of yourself so you can live from a place of clarity, confidence and value. This seminar is designed to help you strengthen your inner beliefs and identity without relying on the world around you to define you.

Level 2 "Discernment" Seminar- 3 Days
The Level Two "Discernment" Seminar focuses on removing inner blocks that hold you back. Discernment is a powerful tool that arms you with the clarity to know the difference between what is true and what is false. Discerning between what is true and false allows you to understand the truth about yourself - and dispel the myths you may have decided about yourself in the past.

The Discernment Seminar allows you a safe place to explore your internal beliefs and remove the blocks, or false beliefs, discovered in the Wakening seminar. Learn how to challenge and release these belief systems that have held you hostage. By challenging beliefs that you know to be untrue, you are no longer motivated by unnecessary fears - and you are free to express yourself from a place of truth, confidence and inner strength.

Level 3 "Balance" Seminar- 2 Days
Through the Balance seminar, you will explore the difference between healthy fear and unhealthy fear. We all experience fear in our lives - healthy fear serves to keep us safe and motivates us to avoid danger. Unhealthy fear, however, has the influence to immobilize us and hinder us from taking action to meet our goals. In order to remove this unhealthy fear, it is imperative that we challenge our fears and discern whether they are valid or unhealthy. Only then can we experience balance in our lives. The Balance seminar arms you with the tools and process to challenge these fears, release those that are unhealthy and liberate yourself from the shackles that have held you in a place of fear for so long - so you can celebrate the successes in life.

Level 4 "Empowerment" Seminar- 2 Days
Empowerment comes when we learn how to respond to our environment rather than react. Every day we are influenced by emotional memories. These subtle prompts, like sounds, sights or even smells, can trigger an emotional response that is out of our control. Become aware of these emotional triggers and their ability to affect the way you feel, bring you back to a past emotion, and hinder your current emotional growth. Through the Empowerment seminar you will learn a process to become aware, disconnect from false beliefs and reconnect to the truth so you become the master of your emotions. This process allows you to choose how you want to feel today and every day. Empower yourself to create powerful relationships, achieve your goals and experience joy in everyday experiences.


January 26-28, 2023   
March 2-4, 2023           
April 27-29, 2023          
ADULT LEVEL 4 SEMINAR- December 9-10, 2022 
                                     June 1-3, 2023
ADULT LEVEL 5 SEMINAR- January 5-7, 2023         

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